Summer’s Tale


Well after the winter’s ‘Tale’ the next chapter is about to begin and my little introverts fantasy is to break free and fly off down the road to the next house and introduce itself to some different characters. Yep new writing is happening! and the extrovert is emerging from its cocoon

And meanwhile keep listening to this:

The Mummers Vs Passion Pit ‘Sleepyhead’

We’re gonna play it at the festivals because we’ve been getting some amazing life-affirming joyous messages about it!

O yes a couple of tunes i’m loving right now:

St Vincent ‘The Strangers’ – great 1950s orchestration and melodies
Regina Spektor ‘Laughing With’ – brilliant lyrics and theres a few great mixes out there too

Ps i know i look pensive here but dont be fooled, its a preparing look 🙂